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    • A Look Back at Bingo History

      You will be surprised to know that bingo has been around for many years now. In the past few years bingo has evolved, gaining more and more features as well as players. The first bingo game was designed for men to play alone, not until the modern days were females permitted to play the game also.

      Here is the brief outline of bingo history:

      1530 Italy

      This was where bingo started, before it was not yet bingo but lottery. This is the earliest form of bingo were it was still called "Lo Giucco Del Lotto D'Italia". This lottery was traditionally only played on Saturdays. Even now, this popular game is still enjoyed every Saturday in Italy. This gives the link between lottery and bingo that make use of lottery balls.

      1778 France

      This was the year were Bingo arrived in France, still carrying the name Le Lotto. This game was usually played by wealthy Frenchmen alone, this was also the time where women were not allowed to play this game, and only the men could.

      1880 Germany

      After France the game traveled to Germany. Germans played a version of the game that even children could play. They put mathematics in the game and this served as a tool to teach children how to do mathematics as well as history and spelling. At present, there is still this kind of game that serves as a learning tool for children.

      1929 America

      It was an evening in December of 1929 when Bingo came to America. There was this guy named Edwin S. Lowe, a tired Salesman from New York, who decided to drive to Jacksonville Georgia.

      After arriving at Jacksonville Georgia he saw how this game was played. He played the game and took it to a new level; he called it "Beano".

      1930 America

      This is the year when Edwin S. Lowe hired a mathematician from Columbia University, his name was Carl Leffler. Mr. Lowe asked Mr. Leffler to make addition to the number of combinations on the bingo cards; he wanted to add about 6,000 more combinations. Mr. Leffler reportedly almost went mad after this project on the bingo cards. From the name Beano it changes to Bingo. This is the new name that players shouted after they completed a bingo game.

      1934 America

      This is the year when a priest from the Pennsylvania's Catholic Church approaches Edwin S. Lowe to use bingo as a fund raising game. This same year the charitable origin of bingo was born. During this year there were around 10,000 games every week for fund raising campaigns.

      1968 UK

      This is the year when Bingo was formalized in the United Kingdom under the 1968 Gaming Act Law. The new bingo halls in the UK emerged this year as well.

      1986 UK

      The National Bingo game was launched in the United Kingdom.

      2003 UK

      The first online Bingo site was launched in the United Kingdom.


      An estimate of around 3 million people played bingo at online sites and at bingo halls offline.