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    • The Fun of Bingo

      Bingo is considered one of the most widely spread and most popular gambling games. It has many variations all over the world, and one of these variations is the national lottery that is found in many countries all around the world that are sponsored by the government themselves in order to raise funds for various projects that involve charity.

      Bingo is very popular as well, amongst religious organizations and churches all over the globe as the church leaders may often use it as a means of raising money for their various projects, be it to give to the poor, or to fund a new classroom in a school, and the like. It is probably the only form of gambling that is permitted to be played by both the young and the old alike, and it is a game that involves purely luck. No amount of skill is needed to play this game.

      The origins of the bingo game can be researched as far back to a game in Italy called the Lotto game which was founded in the 1530's, wherein there are cards present with five by five matrices that are found on every one of the cards that each player can possess. These cards are usually bought by the players for a certain amount of money which is often at a fixed rate. The players of the game would then mark or select numbers at random in order to form a certain specific pattern. The random numbers are then drawn or selected and the first card who's numbers are called would then win the prize, so in such an instance; the bearer of that particular card would then shout the word Bingo in order to win and claim the prize.

      The prizes would depend entirely on the organization or hosts of the bingo game, be it a government organization, or a religious or social organization. It all depends on the hosts. The prizes may vary greatly. While some would give out huge amounts of cash, similar to what the government sponsored bingo games do, others, on the other hand, would give out other prizes like a new car, a vacuum cleaner, a television set, and many other house hold appliances. Other peculiar forms of prizes are also present. Like in some dating games, they would hold a bingo game, and the person that wins would then receive as a prize, a trip to a certain romantic venue with a featured celebrity, or a romantic dinner with his favorite television celebrity, movie star, or singer.

      One can find many forms of bingo in many places, be it in pubs, or social clubs and the like, and it is one game that the entire family can enjoy.