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    • Bingo for Newbies

      Are you considering yourself still a Bingo newbie? Are you worrying that you might not have what it takes to be a full-fledged Bingo player? Worry no more because the answer to all your problems lies on how well you know the terms used in a Bingo game. Know the basics. And when we say, "knowing," this means not just memorizing but knowing the concepts by heart.

      The "Early Bird"

      When you arrive at a Bingo hall earlier than the scheduled Bingo game, you might want to take part in the "Early Bird" game. This is a Bingo game that is played prior to the scheduled Bingo games.

      Find the "Game Board."

      Before you decide to join the Bingo game, you have to find first the "Game Board." This should always be checked out so you know the Bingo patterns that you need to follow. It also shows the number combinations that have been picked. Following the patterns, meanwhile, means getting all the numbers that corresponds to the given pattern on the game board.

      Get your lucky "card."

      If you decide to join the game, it's now time to find your lucky "card." A card contains 24 spaces filled with number combinations. The numbers are all chosen and arranged randomly. So, it's all up to how lucky your card is to be able to win. Remember, you may opt to play with more than one cards. But, be sure not to make your hands full.

      Aid from your "dauber."

      Your dauber would help you mark the numbers being called out by the Bingo game's caller. It is a foam-tipped bottle or marker that indicates the patterns formed by the numbers on your card.

      Get "consolation." If there is no winner in a certain number of calls, the Bingo game could give consolation prizes. But, this only happens in special Bingo games.

      Go for the "Jackpot." Everyone at the Bingo social hall have one thing in mind. And that is hitting the "jackpot." A jackpot could be in the form of prize money, equipment and other leisure promos, which will be awarded to the lucky person who can follow a certain card pattern.

      Bingo! for "Multiple players" When you thought that you got the pattern and shouted "Bingo!" It is possible that someone could shout that magic word after you. That means two or even more could win at the same time. In this situation, you are most likely to divide the prize among all your fellow winners. At least, you've won, right?