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    • A Few Bingo Tips

      Bingo is often associated with old ladies and retired men who while away the time by gathering in a hall and playing bingo. Nothing can be more wrong. Nowadays, bingo is played practically by anyone of various shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Bingo owes it popularity from the ease of learning to play. It is so easy to follow and can be learned in a matter of minutes.

      The odds of winning in bingo are also much higher than in other casino games. You get a better chance of shouting "bingo" than winning in a game of blackjack. But whether you are playing for a few dollars, a stuffed toy or in a high stakes game amounting to thousands of dollars, a game of bingo provides an even field to everyone from a first timer to a veteran.

      However, please do remember a few items.

      � Websites show the number of players in a game room. Choose the game room with the lowest number of players. A game with fewer players increases your chances of winning. Early morning or late nights have fewer players. While the jackpot may be lower, your chances of winning also increase.

      � Every card has equal chances of winning. So the more cards you have, the better chance you get.

      � Chat with the players and try to find out how many bingo cards they are holding. You can play with more bingo cards to increase your chances but do remember the most important bingo tip of all:

      � Never get more bingo cards than you can handle. You will go crazy watching your cards all at the same time. With too many cards, your attention is divided. There is a high likelihood that you will miss out on a number or worse, that you have made bingo without you even realizing it.

      � Consequentially, avoid websites that offer "play all you want for xx dollars" if it means having as many bingo cards as you want per game.

      � Choose game sites that maximize your online dollars. Some offer incentives such as free games when you sign up or bonuses for playing a certain number of games or for playing a minimum number of hours. Others offer extras for referring other gamers to the site.

      While you can not predict how a game of bingo will go, just do not forget to always have fun no matter how the game ends.

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